JCB 8085ECO Decal Set


This JCB 8085ECO Decal Set are replacement stickers for refreshing the branding on a used digger.

Simply pick a sticker material.

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This JCB 8085ECO Decal Set is perfect for replacing your old, tired stickers. In short, all our kits are made to measure, so no trimming is needed. Regardless of the type you choose, each set comes on self-adhesive vinyl. Which is guaranteed by the original manufacturer, for 3 Years.

  • Brand: JCB – their website.
  • Model: JCB8085ECO
  • Plant Type: Digger

Sticker Material

Dependent on the material you choose, the kits have either enhanced visibility performance or easy fit application. More details on the sticker choices can be found below.

Non Reflective – jcb8085nr1

This kit is supplied on affordable non reflective vinyl. Despite this, the print quality is still high-definition.

Reflective – jcb8085cr1

This kit is supplied on high-spec reflective vinyl, which increases its visibility in low light conditions. This means it reflects more light back, making your machinery easy to see.

Rapid Air Reflective – jcb8085cr1a

This kit is also comes on high-end reflective vinyl, gaining the same increased visibility and safety. But this set comes on Oralite Rapid Air Reflective. Which has technology that guarantees bubble free application, even for more inexperienced fitters. But it also makes it unsuitable for wet application.

JCB 8085ECO Decal Set on digger

Fitting Instructions

Before fitting your new JCB 8085ECO Decal Set, you need to make sure you remove all trace of the old ones. To ensure you place them correctly, first take pictures of the original stickers. Then peel off the ones you are replacing, dependent on quality you may need to gently heat them up first.

Once you have removed the old decals, prepare the surface for the new ones. Clean away any glue, dirt and grease, then use a lint free cloth and dry the area. You may need to use an adhesive remover, try WD40.

Your kit comes ready to apply, but first remove the stickers from their packaging and lay them down flat. For the best performance, always apply your new decals in a dry & clean location.

Dry Method

Start by positioning your decal, consider using masking tape to hold it down. Now remove part of the adhesive’s backing paper and using a squeegee, press the sticker down into place. Next, pull away another inch or so of the backing paper and smooth this section down into place. Move your way down the decal, concentrating on fitting an inch at a time. Finish off with the squeegee, smoothing down the entire decal.

Wet Method

Start by filling a spray bottle with water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Now lightly spray your application area, leaving a thin film of water. Position your decal, this time no masking tape is needed. The damp surface will help hold it into place and still allow you to move it around slightly. As above, remove an inch of the backing paper and smooth the decal down into place. Move your way down the decal, fitting a small section at a time. Once in place, use the squeegee to smooth it down and remove the water out from the edges.

Note: Rapid Air Reflective is designed for dry fitting, and is unsuitable for wet application.

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