Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for this website and online shop only, it explains how we use any personal information collected about you when you use it and its services.

We take your privacy seriously and only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide shopping services at This privacy policy has sections which explain when and why we collect the information, how the data is kept secure, who has access to it and why. This online shop has been designed to comply with legislation in regards to data protection and individual privacy.

This policy notice should be considered supplementary to our terms and conditions.

Note: Decals Express is run and wholly owned by Tennants UK Ltd.

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When guests or logged-out users browse this website they are tracked anonymously by basic analytics which provide simple visitor numbers, this information is collected by the host server and by using browser cookies. Visitors are unable to rate, comment or upload any content using the shop system and therefore will not be monitored for these activities.

Visitors can use our contact forms to submit an inquiry on our products or services. These forms require you to provide basic contact information so we can issue a reply.

We collect information about you when you register for an account, place an order or make an inquiry. We also use security software to protect this shop and its data, this software also monitors when you log-in or log-out of your account and when you request a password reset.

Security Processes
Unauthorised and failed attempts to log-in to the shop are also recorded by security software which extracts data from our host server. This data includes general location, date and time, IP addresses and detected browser or device information. This is part of the security system we have in place to stop and inform us of attempted data security breaches.

Website Visitors
Any analytic information collected is simply used to ensure the website and shop operates efficiently for the numbers using it. This basic non-personal data is collected by browser cookies and includes simple visitor numbers and page visits.  Recaptcha v3, also from Google, is vital in helping to secure us from automated injection attacks by checking visitor activity before a form is submitted.

Contact Forms
Our contact forms require the senders personal contact details so we can reply. The forms are emailed by this website straight to our customer service team and they use the information to reply. Contact details are only kept while following up on an inquiry and then deleted.

Shopping Accounts
Your email address is used for shop account creation and for automatic notifications like order confirmation. New account holders may receive an email with their user name and instructions on how to set their account password. Submitted shipping addresses are used to create packing labels and as a target location for delivery. This personal information can be edited from within shop by using your account dashboard or on each new order.

Account Information
Any account information you provide is used for security or to deliver shopping services and process orders. Your account details are kept within the shop system itself and stored until the account is deleted. Customers accounts are also automatically deleted after 12 months inactivity, and historic orders anonymised.

This shop personalises repeat visits and provides access to your order history. Historic orders contain the name and address details submitted at the time they were placed.In processing an order we may provide your selected delivery details to a chosen carrier, including any special instructions provided. We use payment gateways to process payments, these secure facilities collect legally required financial information for accounting and taxation reasons.

No personal information is shared with any other third parties.

Website Security
Website security software monitors site access and uploads in order to keep the shop secure for customers. To do this it crosschecks basic visitor data with rules and lists of known threats or patterns. We use a security plugin to provide us with those firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses. It also provides anti-virus scanning and alerts of attempted hacks or security breaches.

Website Security
This website is built upon WordPress, which from a security perspective is pretty secure. We do everything we can to ensure it stays secure, updating, maintaining and optimising the website and shop system on a regular basis. We use a firewall to provide additional security against unauthorised access, attacks and to provide a real time monitoring service with alerts.

Our internal shop admin are all directly employed and forced to use strong passwords with monitored access. This website is run and its data stored in a secure environment protected by anti-virus and with firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.

SSL Certificate
Your account information and our shopping service is further protected by us using an SSL certificate for this entire website. SSL stands for secure socket layer and it creates an encrypted connection between our site and your browser or device, you can tell its secure because the URL starts with https and shows a green bar or padlock. This is the same type of certification system used for online payments and banking services.

Secure Payments
We also use an external payment gateway to process our shop payments, they also use SSL ensuring there is no exposure to data at their end. Using their services also means this website stores none of your personal financial information within the shops system or database.

Data Breaches
We will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

Access & Alterations
The account dashboard provides you with access to all the information kept on you within the shop system. It lists your name, phone number, email address and company address you entered during account creation or ordering. The dashboard provides your with the means to alter all these details including the account password, it also lists your historic order history.

Shop Account Deletion
If you instruct us to cancel or close your shop account we will, after verification via email, delete all the information kept on the shop and website. This deletion can’t be undone, once completed any data removed will be lost forever.

Your Personal Information
You have the right to request a copy of all personal information the shop holds about you. If you would like to do this, please complete the Personal Information Request form or email us directly. We will first send you an email to verify the request is genuine and then send a follow up email containing a link for you to download your data. You can correct or remove information you think is inaccurate or misleading from within your account dashboard.

We use Google Analytics to track visitors of this website and to compile statistical reports on activity. Google Analytics does this by using tracking Cookies and IP addresses. Cookies are simple text files placed on a computer. And an IP address is a unique string that identifies a computer when using the Internet or a network. Normally, the only personal information captured by analytics are IP addresses. Our website anonymises our analytics by default to prevent them containing personally identifiable data.

Your Account
This shop uses cookies for a variety of functions from tracking users to handling the cart function. These cookies help the shop know when something is added to a list such as the cart and to track who is actually logged in (the user session). No personal information is stored within the session cookie it just tells the system where that customers personal data is stored within its internal database.

Block Cookies
You can set your browser or device not to accept cookies from the websites you visit. They will have instructions on how to delete and block cookies in its settings. You may find websites including this shop will not function correctly as a result of cookies being blocked. As an alternative to blocking you could use those settings to clear any cookies on browser closure.

We keep this website privacy policy under regular review and will place updates on this web page regularly.
This policy notice was created on 11 December 2019.

v1 created 11/12/2019.

Fair Processing Notice

Under the definitions in the General Data Protection Regulation, our parent company Tennants UK Ltd is the Data Controller.

Information We May Collect
We may collect and process the following data:

  • Account and order details
  • Inquiry form inquiries
  • Email and telephone details
  • Anonymous visitor numbers

All such data is treated as personal data for the purposes of GDPR.

Data Storage
All the data we collect is stored on secure systems owned and run by Tennants UK Ltd. Only directly employed and authorised staff can view this data and access is monitored. We use all necessary procedures and security measures to prevent unauthorised access, loss, disclosure or amendment.

Data Processing
Information collected from this website is processed in the following ways:

  • To complete & dispatch orders – shop services
  • Accounting and taxation services
  • Answer and respond to direct inquiries
  • Anonymous visitor data is used to ensure a safe & secure website

Note: We do not provide data to any third parties and no other data processing takes place.

Your Rights
Under GDPR regulations, you have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Right to Access & Alter – your account dashboard provides access to all the personal data kept on you within the shop system.
  • Right to a Data Copy – to download a copy of your personal data, please complete the Personal Information Request.
  • Right to Data Erasure – to have all the personal data the shop stores on you deleted, please use the Account Removal form.
  • Right to Prevent Processing – no processing occurs except the orders fulfilment and answering inquiries. Cease placing orders & submitting inquiries to stop this processing.

Note: For more information or help please email your inquiry.

Contacting Us

You can contact us at Tennants UK Ltd using the information below if you have any questions about our privacy policy or the information we hold about you. Please indicate clearly what your issue is and what you require from us, we may have to contact you directly to confirm your request.

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Tennants UK Ltd
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