Where Do I Use My Coupon or Voucher

You can use your discount coupon by entering its Coupon Code on the Cart page or when Checking out. Simply type the code into the discount field and click the Apply Coupon button to apply it.

Cart page
The cart page is split into two sections, an order list and the cart totals. The order list at the top of the page provides a breakdown of all the items in the current cart. Each product is listed with their unit price, current quantity and subtotal. You can alter quantities and remove items completely on this page.  At the bottom of this section there is also a box for entering a Coupon code with the Apply Coupon button next to for apply its effects.

Enter your code into the coupon box

Checkout page
The checkout page has the discount code section at the top of the page, since this is the last chance to apply a coupon to the order. Just like the cart page, there is a box for entering your Coupon code with a Apply Coupon button right next to it.