Once you are happy with the contents of your cart you need to click Proceed to Checkout. The checkout page is where you confirm your order, select a shipping address and add a note to the order before you make a payment and place the order. Checkout has various sections for you to review and fine tune an order before you place it, you can find details of them below.

Payment for each order becomes due in full before you can place it on the shop.

Discount Code
Here you get a final chance to input a coupon code and get a reduction on your carts total price.

Billing Addresses
If you have filled in the billing and shipping addresses within your dashboard, these fields will be pre-populated and wont need changing. Ensure your Billing Address is set to the same as your payment method to help ensure your payment is accepted. A Valid Email address is required for order and dispatch confirmation. To set up Delivery to a Different Address, simply tick the box and alter the fields for the alternate address.

Create An Account
Shoppers can choose to checkout as a guest or create an account if they intent to come back. Simply select the checkbox and then create a password. Once your order is placed, the account is created and you can log-in using your email and the password.

Order Notes
Enter any instructions regarding the order, delivery or any further requirements in the box provided.

Order review area

Order Review
The order review lists the contents of the order with the products and their prices with the shipping and VAT costs.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping can still be selected if eligible and hasn’t been selected at this point. Once it is selected, the shipping, VAT and total costs should be altered to display any changes.

Payment methods area

Payment Methods
Listed here are the methods of payments available on the shop or by your account. If several are shown simply select and tick the one you wish to use.

Terms & Conditions
The term and conditions indicator will need selecting (ticking) to indicate your consent and understanding of them before you can continue to making payment.

Grand Total
The final cost of this order is displayed here in GB Pounds.

When you’re happy with the order and are ready to pay and place the order, you’ll need to click the Pay Now button. On pressing it you will be sent to the shops payment service provider.

Sage Pay
On pressing the Pay Now button on the checkout page you are sent to the shops payment service provider Sage Pay. There you can see how much is left To Pay, along with a selection of possible payment methods. Simply select one method, follow its instructions and enter your payment details. Click Confirm to make the payment and place your order on the shop.

Once payment has been verified, you’ll sent back to the shop and the order confirmation page. The shop sends you an email to confirm the order has been received and is now visible in your order history. Once the order has been checked and stock allocated, its status will be updated. You’ll then get an email reporting its been sent to dispatch for delivery.

Our accounts department will send you a final receipt/invoice of your order for your own records.