Account Dashboard

When you Log-In or when you use a My-Account link, you will be sent to your Account Dashboard area. Here you can set your account details like billing and shipping addresses, alter the email address used for the account and set a new password. The dashboard is split up into tabs, quick details on each area can be found below.

Note: Ignore downloads please – we don’t offer any.

Your account dashboard

Dashboard: This tab leads to the account homepage. There are links on it to the shop, privacy policy, terms and conditions and our contacts page.

Orders: On this page you can find a list of your orders with the last order you placed at the top. On each individual order page is listed the date the order was received and its current condition (processing/completed). Products included on the order are listed with their price, with the orders overall shipping cost, VAT and total. The orders billing and shipping addresses at the time are also shown here.

Addresses: You can set or alter the default addresses used by the shop system on this page. These details are used to pre-populate the fields used for both the billing and shipping addresses. We recommend setting to the Billing Address to match the payment method you use to pay for orders to ensure payment is successful.

By default the system uses the billing address first. On checkout, you can select an Different Shipping Address by ticking the checkbox. You can alter both addresses during checkout for a single order if you wish.

Account details: Here you can alter the user name and set the email address the shop uses to communicate with you. This email address is used by the system to send notifications for orders and messages. You can also Alter your Password here, simply enter your existing one before twice entering a replacement password.

Logout: Clicking logout returns you to you account dashboard, where you need to confirm the logout request before it can happen. Once confirmed, you will automatically be taken back to the account log-in page.